Length Of Time To Diagnose

I had never heard of ss. For years I suffered with brainfog , they sent me to neurologists who treated me for migraines that I didn’t have. I had the dry eyes and was told to use eye drops. Dry mouth I was told to use OTC meds and drink plenty of water. Then my fingers started to seriously bother me. It was very painful to grip the steering wheel and drive. My physician sent me to a rheumatologist who took xrays and blood then diagnosed me with ss. She prescribed hydrox …. and told me it would be a few months before it worked. She also advised me to follow the paleo diet. About a month later I noticed some relief. I know that ss is pretty rare stuff especially in men but it upsets me thinking it took so many drs years to figure it out.

Welcome @cuzzinphatty! The sad thing is that your story isn’t unusual. Diagnosis can take many years for Sjogrens, and especially for a man. The good news is that you are diagnosed now and now you can receive treatment for it. In addition to medication there are lots and lots of lifestyle changes, and over the counter treatment that you can use. Please do a search on the site and you can find lots and lots of great tips. If you still have questions, go ahead and ask them.

I started turmeric and cbd oil. paleo diet is sooo boring. however the pain has been much better so I will continue. thank you