Sjogren's symptom shock

I am newly diagnosed (Feb. this year) and this is the first chance I've had to spend an afternoon reading so much information about Sjogren's. When my rheumatologist came in to the room with my test results, he said, "You've been ill for a very long time and didn't even know it!" I've known for years there was something wrong, but didn't have a clue that almost all my symptoms over the last 10 years were related and that SS was the cause. I've read so much information today on the forum and am shocked that I can relate to so many of the symptoms the members here have experienced. I never imagined there were so many symptoms. I've been dealing with so many of them for years and never knew what was happening to me.

I'm so glad to have found this group. I know I'm going to have questions and from what I've read so far today, the support given here is amazing!

I am really happy to hear that its helped. It did a great deal for me too. I think part of the reason it goes undiagnosed for so long is that the symptoms are all over the place. They treat each one individually and don't look at the bigger picture. This group was so awesome for making me feel less crazy and helped me to be calmer about things that popped up. It normalizes it to a point. Not to mention the hints from others on how to deal with some of these things. Yippee!

Hi stitchin,

Sorry I missed this post, it was when I was down with a wicked flu.

Yes, looking back you can really see how long this has been in your life. So many things will click with you when comparing notes with others who suffer the same ills!

It really is a great group of people we have here, the great thing is that no matter how bad we may be feeling, we can still laugh together! We take turns holding each other up!

I'm going to feature this now that you have my attention, so the rest of the group can respond!

Good to have you with us!

It came as a shock to me too, when I was first diagnosed over 21 years ago now,, at 31 and now 52 , but you learn as you go along in life,,, and SS comes along with you now on your journey,,,I too reckon I had SS a long time I reckon that I had it when I was very young even as young as 18,,,, as I remember feeling so tired and thinking I should not be feeling this tried at this age, ,........we are all here to help welcome to the group

Welcome. This group has helped me make some serious decisions. Really, really helped. Great moderators too.

Welcome aboard stitch I too have found this site and the people on it to very helpful and supportive as well.


Thanks to all for the warm welcome! I feel like I've found some new friends!

:) I think we all feel that way!

Glad you found answers. It was a bittersweet day for me also....take care.

I would like to add my welcome also. This group, you will find, is sometimes more informative then any doctor you may visit.


I am so glad you found us! They have been such a great resource for me and so many others. Like you I had been ill they said for over 20 years before I had a DX and it still amazes me how many of new symptoms are related to SS. You will find fabulous people, fantastic advice and loving comfort! Michelle

Welcome Stitchin,

So glad you found us. I've been a member of several Sjogrens groups and this one is the best I've come across. Everyone is respectful, helpful, and compassionate.

Like you, I was bombarded with symptoms but didn't know for a long time that it was Sjogrens, just that something was not right. You are fortunate to have a doctor who believes that Sjogrens can cause so many problems to ones body.

I know you will get the support you need here, I know I have.