Warm welcome to Shelley from Texas!

Hi there @sosborne31, and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support group. I’m sorry to hear it’s been hard figuring out what a Sjogren’s diagnosis really means for you. Still glad however that you were able to find us! Many of our members here also went through that initial period of first hearing that they had this uncommon autoimmune diagnosis, and then realizing they knew little to nothing about this condition that could affect their entire body. In fact, you can search through previous discussions to see what our members have already said about a general topic using the magnifying glass at the top of the page and typing in key words like “liver” or “elevated enzymes”.

There are also plenty of different categories you can explore like the Symptoms and Medical Treatments category linked here:


Or Sjogren’s Articles, News and Research to see literature other members shared linked here:


Otherwise, we’re here to help you connect with other people with Sjogren’s syndrome, and love to hear about how you’re doing in general. From your profile it sounds like you have a wonderful family and an appreciation for creative art! If you would ever just like to share how you have been doing, feel free to post in our What’s New With You category linked here:


Alright, well I know I’ve just hit you with a bunch of stuff to check out so I’ll sign off here :sweat_smile: I hope you’re able to get some questions answered here, and looking forward to hearing from you in the future! Best wishes.