Welcome Nancy from Ohio!

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I created a new account Saturday, August 29. Had trouble creating it, especially, with getting a password accepted.
Now, I can’t figure out how to use to site, contact anyone, look up support topics etc. AND, not certain my password was even accepted.

Hmm - That’s odd! I’ll check in with the site admin and see if there’s an issue with your account.

Thank you. Will be out in a.m. with dr’s appts.

Hey there Nancy, it looks like your account is working alright. Try clicking the link below for some very helpful topics on how to use the website!


Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues so I can connect you directly with an admin.

Julie, just tried to log in with Password I had written down and couldn’t, so decided to “RESET MY PASSWORD”

And got message the “that password does not satisfy password policies”

AND, AND it didn’t tell me what the Password policies were.


If you could call me to walk me thru process, it might help.




I tried making a new password too, and I agree it feels like shooting in the dark to find a password that will work. I’ll @ModSupport to see if there’s something they can do to help on the admin side of things. Sorry it’s been so finnicky!

@AMENSCH @Julie_BFIntern Sorry that the password reset has been giving you grief. I’ve checked, and all I can find is a setting that says you must have 6 unique characters in your password.

I am going to send you a password reset code. When it arrives in your inbox, please try another reset. If that doesn’t work, I will have to check with TJ, our wizzo webmaster.

Seenie from Admin

It seems to work. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.

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Whatever happened, I think you are good to go now.

You also know how to get a real human who knows how to help! Bonus!


Nancy, is everything working all right now?


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