Welcome Tara from Texas!

Hi there @Chamtj, and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support group. Don’t worry about not having a diagnosis yet, especially when it comes to autoimmune conditions, there can be a lot of overlap with symptoms (and with experiences!). How have you been doing? If you have anything on your mind, I highly recommend starting a discussion to engage with the other members here and get a conversation going. To do so, click the ‘+ New Topic’ button at the top of the webpage and type away!

We also have quite a few different categories for you to browse past conversations, like complementary therapies and symptoms and medications, but I believe the best way to get specific questions answered is to start a topic of your own. Regardless, we’re all here to support you so I hope you’re able to find this website useful! Best wishes, and welcome again to the Sjogren’s Syndrome support group :grin: