Loss Of Hope IS REAL

I cannot deal with 1 more hopeless Dr Appt!
Therefore, all I can do now is LIVE, attempt to LIVE.
I am overwhelmed just looking at all the topics here so I started this feed.
Aren’t you guys so done?
So disappointed and hopeless?
I am and after so many years now, maybe it really is time to stop trying to figure this disease out and try instead to LIVE???

I hear you. I’m in a flare and have what seems like a million doctors appointments right now, many of them going nowhere. Sometimes the best that you can do is manage the symptoms, and do things that make you happy.

In terms of the symptoms, there are meds that treat the symptoms, and meds that treat the disease. The ideal situation is to be on meds that do both. For example, I am on a disease modifying med, as well as using evoxac and restasis. It helps keep things manageable, and I’m able to sleep reasonably well. What are you doing to manage the disease?