Wondering if anyone else has had this experience whether with Gralise or another med.... I was on Gralise for neuropathy for about 6 months and it worked great. The neuro took me off of it for about 4 months to see how I was without it and if the issue was resolved. Well it wasn't resolved so he put me back on it. Problem is that it isn't near as effective this time and the symptoms are pretty bad. I see him in another month or so but wondered if others had a similar experience with meds working differently the second time around.

I’ve heard that for quite a few meds. I know that some of the SSRI’s that this can be true.

It does seem to happen with nerve pain from what I've read on the TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) site; I know it's a different situation but regardless of the mechanism causing nerve pain, it's still nerve pain! There are other medications for nerve pain- it may be you could ask to try a different one, it can often take a while to get the right meds, and sometimes a couple in combination work well. Some of the info pages on the TN site are being re-written, but it's worth having a look, as there's a lot of info about medications.

Have you seen Annie's discussion about TN- she's asking what medications people are on?

I missed that one. I don't deal with TN specifically so didn't think to poke around the site....great idea. Thank you. Nerve pain is its own breed of pain and dealing with it on top of the standard joint pain is not fun.