I was born with slits in my tongue they dont go all the way thru but are open. Over the last year my tongue hurts and food burn. Does any one else have this problem?.

I do. The doctors called it a geographic tongue. I have to keep it clean and’ brush’ it after eating. It’s a good idea to keep you mouth moist too, helps somewhat with sensitivity. Talk to your doctor about it next appointment.

When all my autoimmune diseases flared 14 years ago, my tongue developed slits--looks like a road map. I take salagen (pilocarpine--generic and available) and it stimulates enough saliva to help with the dryness and burning. Not a complete cure but definitely helps. For me the mouth wash and toothpaste offer nothing.

Another BIG thing that affects it is when I have a yeast infection in my mouth. Us autoimmune people are very susceptible to yeast infections. Plus most take prednisone.

You got to hold on.

Yes, the cracks in the tongue were one of my first symptoms, although it was years before I was diagnosed. I have these along with mouth ulcers and inflammation which often results in mouth sores. Ugh!

Thank you

I will have to ask my doctor about it next week.