My Current Symptoms

Hi. I have a horribly sore mouth, tongue, palate, gums etc. I am taking evoxac, and using prevident and non alcohol mouthwash. It has been for the last 3 days. Any suggestions please?? It hurts to even swallow water. Thank you.

I have used a bicarbonate of soda solution as a mouthwash, but helped soreness/ burning mouth for me.
It might be an idea to get this checked out- we had a discussion fairly recently, and member LadyDeda found her sore mouth was caused by Lichen Planus, so it was good that she didn’t dismiss this as just dryness due to SjS.
Here’s the link- it might be worth a read as there were some other suggestions too:

My son gets aphthous ulcers (canker sores) in his mouth and our dentist calls him in a script for “Magic Mouthwash” it helps dull the pain and with my son it helps shrink his ulcers pretty quick.

And it can be expensive if it is not covered by your insurance.
Best of luck to you!!


I have the same symptoms and yes it’s horrible. Look up Oral Lichen Planus and see if your symptoms match that diagnosis. Mine certainly did. It’s wonderful to have a doctor who understands. I found a dentist who knew what it was and prescribed an oral steroid. Good luck.
Lady Deda