Mouth Driving Me Crazy

Right now my mouth is driving me nuts. It keeps filling with what is left of my saliva, sans water. It burns & tastes salty. I no sooner swallow and it’s back again. Any thought on what I can do.

Hi ladymindful,

I'm not sure if my mouth is worse, or my eyes, but surely they both drive me nuts too! I attribute a lot of sleep problems to the dryness problems. My mouth always burns, and Biotene mouthwash helps that a little, not sure what, if anything, will ever totally change that!

Welcome to the group! Glad you posted, surely more will be able to offer you some helpful suggestions!

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Thanks for the quick reply. I just bought the Biotine mouthwash & toothpaste. I also just order R-alpha lipoic acid. Read an article about it being good for auto-immune diseas, burning mouth syndrome & stress. I’m hoping it helps a little. Less than 2 months ago I thought I had post nasal drip. It has accelerated.

Oh it's the right time of year for post nasal drip! I hear you on that! Problem with using all of the things for allergies and sinus is that they are even more drying!

I know how you feel. It is always there, kind of thick and disgusting. I chew sugarless gum constantly. That seems to help me. Can never be without a bottle of water either.

Hi Connie, I just wonder how it progressed to this stage so quickly. A little over a month ago it was nothing like this. I look at my palms and finger and they look like the moisture is being sucked out of them. I don’t know why I had to be so unlucky and get this, on top of all the issues I already deal with. Nevef should have moved back to New York :slight_smile:

I can sympathize with the dry burning mouth. I had a pain management doctor give me a script for Lidocaine Vicious Solution for this. It tastes awful but worked,however it only lasted 30-45 minutes tops. But even those few pain free minutes felt wonderful ! I have heardPaste as Plain Text positive results with the R-alpha lipoic acid, in fact I have a bottle in my cabinet, just never tried it yet. Hope it helps and keep us posted :0)

I don't think it matters where you live. I've had this problem in New Jersey, and I've been in Florida 10yrs and it has gotten progressively worse. Don't give up the ship.................we all understand.

Thanks all for your support. My thought as to NY is that living in AZ I was perfectly healthy. Shortly after I got here things started happening. The rocking vertigo, allergies with the pollen. Arizona is very low humidity which made a big difference. I think all the ailments I have along with the accompanying stress led to my developing this. Just a thought.

I have Salivix pastilles and BioXtra moisturising oral gel from the Doctor which both work though I would be happier if the effect lasted for longer.

I chew Dentyne PURE (only) which is sugar free--- every waking moment.

It's $1.98 for a 3 pack at Walmart and lasts forever comparatively speaking.

Discovered this 3 years ago and it's been a salvation for me.


Chwing gum seems to dissolve in my mouth after chewing for a short time. I also have a front tooth that’s crooked & juts out so it’s hard to keep my mouth closed. I was planning to do invisalign but now…who knows.

My mouth stays dry until I lay down at night, and then I am assuming it fills with saliva and possibly post nasal drip. My nose clogs up and sometimes my eyes even run. It is very annoying when I am trying to go to asleep. There is so much of that it causes me to get choked at times.

Thanks for some of the suggestions for dry mouth because I have tried several things without a whole lot of relief. If any of you experience dry, chapped lips; I have found a great product that has worked great for me. Chapstick and the other everyday lip balms quit helping me and actually dried me out. I use Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm, and I get it from

Wishing everybody well!

Thanks for the tip about the CortiBalm .i’ll look into it. Here’s hoping we all get some relief.

I was happy to see that another person here sound Dentyne PURE gum helPful. I also chew Spry gym with Xylitol. It I chew a few times daily, once or twice with one, then the other…it helps. I also use Biotene toothpaste and drink water all day long. I’m finding I have to limit salty foods too. And I’m using Chapstick, especially in the summers.

I use the biotene mouth wash but got in a hurry one day to see the grandkids and turned the bottle up wound up throwing up now i also measure the dose

I understand about your mouth! Mine also burns and has that salty taste. I always run a vaporizer at night. It helps some. Also water, sugar free gum, and lemon throat drops (sugar free) during the day. Nothing seems to take it all away but offer a little relief. I also avoid caffeine, chocolate, sweets including fruit, and cinnamon. They seemed to trigger the burning to be worse.This probably didn't help much but know you aren't alone!