Mouth gel

Thanks to Scott for welcoming me to thee group.
I am interested in finding out if anyone else is having a problem with finding Biotene Oral Balance mouth gel. I went to 3 different places today to find only a few tubes.
I find this product to be the absolute best for long term relief of dry mouth. Lasts several hrs. Versus the spray only relieving me for a few minutes at a time.
One pharmacy told me that they were unable to get any more Biotene products right now. EEK!!! Scares me to death!!!
Anyway, if anyone can relate to this issue, I’d love to hear your comments.

I’ve heard that the biotene mouth rinse formula has changed, but not this. Good luck! I tried that a while back but found it too weird.

It appears with the change of ownership, Biotene changed or stopped making alll of their products. A great mistake because I have not heard from anyone who thinks the products are as good for us with Dry Mouth Disorders. as they were a year ago. ....The bottom line is that these changes should effect their sales....and maybe they will come up with a formula which is bland but work.

Anyone heard of using sugar for burning after using a new Biotene products I had to use sugar on my tongue to stop the burning....great drastic solution.


Never heard of that, Mimi. Be careful of dental cavities with the sugar though.

The sugar on the tongue would be for an emergency only! Like when you eat something that really burns your tongue. I will calm it down right away. Yes, I know about the sugar and decay..this is an ER situation stop gap

Oh, I see!
I had never heard of the sugar for the burning tongue so that’s a new bit of info for me. Thanks much!!!

I couldn't handle the gel either. You might try to get it online. Amazon may have it. Then you could just order as much as you want, assuming you can find it.

Act has a dry mouth rise now. I don't know about the ingredients but it seems to work just as well for me.