Desperate Need for Toothpaste Gel

Dear Friends,

I have been using Biotene Dry Mouth toothpaste gel for about a year. However, recently Biotene Inc. has changed its formula in its Gentle Mint Toothpaste gel and is too irritating for my tender mouth. I am in a state of panic. They have also infused the product with fluoride which is just too toxic for my mouth. Any and all suggestions for extreme dry mouth toothpaste gel solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

What about any of the natural toothpastes? I'm thinking a Tom's type toothpaste, or even just a baking soda paste. And then use biotene rinse as a follow up? I actually use a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste in order to better protect my teeth.

Tom's Toothpaste has gone mainstream. That is to say, the ingredients are still pure but the flavors these days are like regular toothpaste--even the fennel. Oasis by Sensodyne. Not that one is better than the other.

I have been using a prescription called Prevident which works really well for me.

also I cannot find Biotene gum anymore....drug store is trying to get a carton for me. Why did they not leave well enough alone.?....I can bearly eat anything that has some taste.......It does come and go and for that I am thankful....I am new to the disease and it is not fun, just adding to my fibro, RA,Raynaulds but not Lupus !

Happy Holidays and getting through the Seasons


I've been using coconut oil with a few drops of mint spirits(no alcohol type). It's very soothing to my mouth. Most toothpastes, even biotine, seem to irritate my mouth. Everyone is different.