I am hoping someone can help me! I am in search of a dry mouth friendly toothpaste GEL. I was using Biotene products but in the past six weeks they changed the formula of the toothpaste gel and have eliminated "gentle mint" among other things. I now find myself with one tube left and am starting to panic. Can anyone suggest a very mild toothpaste gel without fluoride that I can use for my VERY tender mouth? Thanks, in advance.

I don't know if this will help the dryness. It is call Tom's toothpaste. It is all natural ingredients. Some local drug stores carry it in NJ. If you can still use the biotene mouthwash, perhaps you could use this frequently throughout the day too. It seems to help me better than the biotene toothpaste. I hope someone else here will have some more tips for you. Take care!

Have a Happy & Peaceful Thanksgiving, God bless you!