Losing skin from the roof of my mouth! UGH!

Just removed my upper dentures, and lost significant skin and 'meat' from the roof of my mouth! This is a new thrill! Came right out with the adhesive! Any thoughts, advice, remedies? Lips are peeling into the tender meat as well!

Oh, SK, that's bad. I just had an episode of skin sloughing off inside my mouth. It was the peppermint toothpaste that I started to use, one of the 'natural' ones without flouride, sls etc.

As soon as I stopped using it, the peeling stopped immediately. I must have become sensitive to something in it.

I was telling Terri about it. I had used this same toothpaste for a long time previously and then stopped, then when I began using it again, bam! reaction to it. Don't know why it would all of a sudden cause me a problem unless they changed the formula.

Did you just buy a new container of adhesive? Or a different brand?

I found this infohttp://www.everydayhealth.com/dental-health/oral-conditions/specialist/jacobs/skin-sensitivity-in-the-mouth.aspx


Are you gluten free? I can't find the info right now but I read there is a connection between gluten and shedding in the mouth. Good news is the oral mucosa is one of the fastest healing areas in the body.


Hi Allergic,

No, don't think it's thrush, never have seemed to have issues with wheat. Biotene never bothered me before. Wondering if it's the Sjogren's as my lips are chapped and peeling down to the meat also! Always something new to challenge you! Can't wait for the next thing!

Well, like I said, that toothpaste never bothered me before either but now it does! Try stopping it for a few days, see what happens, then reintroduce it again. That's the only way to know if it is the cause. Just a suggestion. :')

I'm so sorry SK. I hope you are feeling ok.