My lungs


I do have lung issues, asthma, and lately, shortness of breath (SOB smile). I bought a jaw harp, been playing that, not many problems breathing, light in and out. As for the harmonica, as lightly as I do blow in and out, exhausting and leaves me dizzy.

I’m watching a music program on the Public Broadcasting System, Celtic Women, and I am inspired. In grade school I learned to play the recorder flute. I heard a man play tunes on some type of flute, and I decided, to put the harmonica down for some months, and buy a recorder flute as soon as possible. I want to learn to play jigs and fun stuff like I heard on this music program. Toe tapping tunes, that stuff.

Hope the recorder flute will be easier on me than the harmonica. BUT, the jaw harp is soooo much fun.

That sounds so cool…and a very creative solution to your problem!