New additional diagnosis and symtoms

Nine months ago I was diagnosed with SS. About 4 months ago it was declared Primary SS. Now my rheumy added fibromyalgia as a definite diagnosis as well because I was suffering from chronic burning pain on my limbs and almost non-stop spasms in my face and throughout my body.

I still don't know what some of my symptoms are caused from because by the time I tell him about the ones I think are important and answer all his questions, he is in a hurry to get to the next patient.

The symptoms are:

Thinning hair

Dark spots on my face and arms

Less sweating, which you would think I would be grateful for but it actually makes me feel sick.

Little bumps all over my arms and some on my hands and legs, not red, no rings, some flake and they itch

Dark flakey patches on my face, arms and legs

Confusion - I will be talking and completely go blank, I forget what everyday things are called, forget names of people I've known for a long time

Speech : completely wrong words from what I am trying to say come out of my mouth. This and the confusion happen quite often, not just every now and then.

I don't know if any of these are important enough to even mention to the doctor or just things we have to live with.

Jonchri, some of those symptoms are things we commonly hear about on the fibro community, which you are very welcome to join (there is a link in the communities list). A couple of others are more typical for lupus. People with AI disease tend to gather diagnoses like a rolling stone gathers moss. Sometimes it can make people feel depressed to acquire more "labels," but the important thing is to have a medical team that you feel listens and is responsive. You have done a really good job listing what is going on with you. All of it is worthy of attention. If you are feeling disregarded by your doctor, it may be time to go doc shopping.

I have Primary Sjogrens along with many other issues one being fibromyalgia. I have all of the symptoms you have mentioned. I have great Doctor's that have been working with me. It is frustrating to have one day that I can't do hardly anything. Then have good days as well. I also have NASH so I don't know what all the things we have in common.