New here-my story, your input would be great

Hello everyone, thanks for the add . Id like to share my story. For 9 yrs I have suffered gerd, esophgoel spasms, stinging/electric deep fleeting pains in my joints, muscle twitching, rashes (splinter hemmoraghes, red blotches), low grade fevers. Shortly after I started to get mild pancreas attacks. Fast forward to 6 months ago right side of face is drooping and I am loosing muscle on that side greatly, have chronic malabsorption (always mush or d), cannot gain weight I weigh 101 at 5'5. Only notable dryness really is if I talk a lot my voice is so scratchy that I constantly have to cough and drink water, eyes are red mid day but not scratchy.

Have worked with an RH for awhile. She has said from day one I have a AI disease but not sure which as my antibodies are always PERFECT. Only labs always off is mild lipase-pancreas.

Yesterady she said she is leaning towards this disease, maybe even bechets (cousin has this but its super rare)

Do my symptoms sound familiar. Honestly I feel like Im dying a slow death and Im going to die and they will never know why. My main issue is the stomach pains and malabsorption-I can deal with the nerve muscle stuff-all these things come in waves/flares but stomach stuff mostly constant.

I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with so much. As always, the first thing is always keep working with your doc to make sure something isn't missed but I can say that a lot of those symptoms do sound like stuff we deal with. The deep, stinging pain, joint pain, stomach issues (though mine are on and off) rashes, low fevers…yup. Thankfully also, the dryness in the throat comes and goes but I know what you mean about it being bad enough to knock out your voice if you talk too much. Sjoggies deal with a lot of odd things.