Hello :))))

Hi I’ve had reoccurring corneal abrasions , anaemia as well as coeliacs disease , I also have a rare renal condition called gitelmans syndrome , I work full time as a finance manager and have 4 children , I have found my eyes have made it difficult to drive and work on the computer , I get serious dryness attacks about once a week and my eyes go into spasm and I have to use numbing drops to settle seems to come from nowhere about 4 months ago .

You are Superwoman. I have had SS for over a decade and I have dry eyes and mouth but nothing like you describe. Work full time and have 4 children is amazing to me. Here is a place to put everything on the table. Welcome to you.

Hi,I totally feel your pain, I have episodes where eyes are bad then mouth, sometimes both at same time… I’ve yet to see any relation to environmental causes. I wish I could figure something out.

Autoimmue disease is such a mystery to doctors and scientists alike. Perhaps it will never be discovered in our lifetime. Mine took years to diagnose but there is yet to be a treatment that helps either the pain or the fatigue.
I’ve noticed lately I get frequent sore throats and if I eat anything with crumbs they get stuck in my throat.
Also we aren’t getting treatment for our disease…Symptoms are treated but the underlying cause is still growing.
Have a good day… You are not alone…