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Hi. My family opthamologist suggested SS when I saw her for dry eyes and she saw me guzzling water. She sent me for a few blood tests which came back positive (except the SSA and SSB antibodies) and sent me to a my local Johns Hopkins rheumatologist who agreed it is probably Sjogrens. Saw Johns Hopkins opthamologist today who did the Schirners test and it was positive. She plugged my tear ducts and hooray! I can feel moisture in my eyes! Like everyone else I’d been plagued with joint pain and fatigue: I thought it was advancing age and hating my job, so I took early retirement. Now I need to find a dentist who will be understanding. I already have a pathological fear of dentists even as my teeth and gums are falling apart from dry mouth. If anyone knows a good one in the MD area let me know. My only other concern is having positive results for the C3 and C4 Complements. Of course I will ask rheumatologist at end of the month but it worries me that they are Indicators of a higher risk of developing non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I need to stop searching the Internet so much, but JHU puts your test results on your personal online chart so of course I Googled them!. Sorry for rambling. Shout out to my fellow Maryland sufferers. I’d say we should do a 5K together to support SS research, but I can barely walk 1k these days. 5 years ago I finished the Baltimore Half Marathon…sigh. I miss those long runs…!

My compliments have always been elevated but doctors always say “it is good that they are not low. Elevated is not a problem”. I am wondering why my homogeneous Ana and compliments are always elevated

Oh terrific, mine are low. Meh. BTW I saw there is a DC Autoimmune Walk in DC next month. They’ve raised only $390 of $25,000! I guess we are not part of a very popular disease!

I hope you find a good dentist like I did. I also was terrified of dentists, but I found one who is gentle, truly does NOT want to hurt me, and who provides nitrous oxide when I request it. I have no more fear going to the dentist which is amazing since I would rather have hung off the wing of a 747 in flight than go before I found this guy! I'm in CA, though, but I would go to YELP and look for a good one in MD because that's how I found mine.

Welcome to the group.

Congratulations for finishing the Baltimore Half Marathon five years ago. Our lives do change over the years but wonderful memories last a life time.

We definitely aren't a popular disease yet. Nothing for the pharmaceuticals to dig their teeth into yet. :( Kind of amazing considering the number of us. That being said, there are things we can do. Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation just starting putting the word out for people looking to join their team for the Disney marathon. Its either a half or full marathon but I believe there is a shorter sub race also. SSF sends a team every year. You have to guarantee a certain amount in fundraising but your room, etc are all covered. Its something to build awareness. And they have an awareness package you can get if you want to run in a local Turkey Trot also. And there are also Walk-abouts if you can't run anymore. I figure anything that brings in research money, attention and gets me moving is a good thing. LOL

Sorry to hear you are suffering . I can relate to the lack of energy. Forcing myself to walk or exercise doesn’t make me feel energized, except with restorative yoga- that helps quite a bit. Too pooped right now to write more…

A word about dental work. About 6 years ago a dentist talked me into a bunch of bridge and other work… Two years later it all was out. It seems that drilling on healthy teeth killed them…
My front teeth I have implants and they are OK but just last month a lower tooth broke in half
Went to a dentist and just had plastic resin to fix it. Cost 300. I’ve learned to use the most conservative and cheapest solution.