New Member, But Not New To Sjogren's/Chronic Ear Infection


I have had Sjogren’s for nearly 20 years as well as Primary Biliary Cirhosis. I was stable for the last 10 years, mostly, but the last year has been tough. I had hyperthyroid, which was successfully treated, but I have had a number of issues since then. Most recently I had an ear infection for the last 9 months which required surgery to clean out all the junk (the diagnosis was mastoiditis, with ear infection). The incision got infected and despite multiple antibiotics and steroids it has not gotten better. Now I have an infection in my other ear, and can barely hear anything at all. In addition the infection has worsened and I now have jaw and face been as well as a low grade fever (100). I am going back to an infectious disease dr tomorrow who indicated most likely they would put in a port and do IV antibiotics at home. I am super tired all the time and just plan down.

Anyone else who has had chronic ear infections offer any advice?

Oh my goodness. That sounds awful. One thing on top of the other. I used to get ear and respiratory infections regularly but nothing near that bad. I am sorry to hear you are dealing with so much. Keep us posted!