Not another one!

I have been having excruciating pain in my thighs. Pain that is so severe you don't think you can make it through another minute of it.. Today my husband said to me, "Cyn, I think you have RSD" I looked it up. (here is the link

And I thought 'Oh great, another disease with unbearable pain. I watched the video on one of the sites describing the illness. And they were talking about the EXTREMELY high amount of suicides in those who suffer this disease. Shy of suffering an amputation without any anesthesia, RSD is the most painful disease a person can have. After the last week of nights of complete hell, I believe that.

And I thought, there must be some link. I couldn't have gotten this disease all by itself. And I was reading and I encountered this sentence: . CRPS is more common in individuals with other inflammatory and autoimmune conditions such as asthma. *(CRPS is another name for the same disease). I have both severe asthma and I have three autoimmune diseases and glaucoma. ALL of them are related to each other. MY GOD how can i bear it?

These will give you some more information.

I scheduled an appointment with a neurologist for the 30th.

Please pray for me.

I had to go to the sites above to review as I did not no alot about it. Please keep us informed of what the doctor finds on the 30th. I will be praying for you. Hopefully some one else will come along soon.

Qadosh, I think you are putting the cart before the horse here, and it is causing your extra distress. Try not to self-diagnose, though I guess that is natural when you haven't had much success with doctors. Do phone a pain management doc, and let the doctor check you out, decide on a diagnosis, and choose the best treatment. I hope your pain can be successfully managed, and that you feel better soon.

I just remembered about the PsA. Is your PsA being successfully managed, I hope?

I already went to my pain management doc for it. He "diagnosed '"it as something with a long name which means a nerve is trapped in thie hip bone and said there was no cure, just take more pain meds.

I am actually HOPING it is RSD because maybe there is a little more in the way of treatment. I made an appointment with a neurologist and I am not going to form an opinion on it until I've talked to her.

The only reason I posted here about it is that it's incredible how everything always seems to spring from my RA or PsA or Sj.

No my RA and PsA are not controlled. My liver functions shot up very high. The rheum took me off what i was taking (which wasn't working anyway) and put me on OTezla which is for PsA. So far no help from that either. My rheum says you have to give it three months before knowing whether or not it would work. So the jury is still out.

I will pray for you. Perhaps your neurologist will have a much less serious diagnosis for you ......Try to wait until you hear what he/she has to say.