Now what

For the past 16 months, my bloodwork has been all over the place with C-reactive protein sed rate IGE bun creatine
going back and forth from normal to sky high. I have had a history of sinusitis, pericardial effusion (chronic and acute inflammation) mild constriction small airways, fatigue, temp dereg, eyes producing reduced tears ( confirmed by eye doctor) and reduced saliva production. After looking for a dx for 16 months, I thought I finally got one. I so fit systemic Sjogrens. I just got a call back from the ENT. My biopsy of the salivary glands was negative. I am so emotionally drained hearing that I have systemic inflammation and am a complex case. An immunologist feels I have undifferentiated connected tissue disease mast cell activation. I should be happy the biopsy is negative but I a
am depressed that I am back to aware one

Hi roxy,

So sorry to hear of this long hard road to a diagnosis! You know, I'm just not that familiar with biopsies of the Salivary glands to know if this is a finality for Sjogrens'. I was fortunate that mine finally showed up in blood tests, though it was elusive, but my GP just kept running the tests, certain he was on the right path.

I feel your frustration, it is totally justified. I'm glad you found your way here to us, diagnosis or not, as you surely seem to fit here with all of your symptoms. Please feel at home and one of us! We're very glad to welcome you here with us!

Wishing you well,


These Rheumatologists showed up on a google search as Sjogren's specialists near you in NJ.

Thank you for the link..Unfortunately the doctors are about 1 1/2 hours away from me. I want to see what the rheumatologist says when I see her on Wednesday

I hope that turns out well! I'm rooting for you to get some answers!