I've been thru a lot in the past few months, the move, the cancer scare and the surgery.

I just want to learn how to live with the SS and cope. It's overwhelming, because to me, it's unpredictable.

You really don't know if your symptoms are gonna flare from day to day and it makes it hard to make plans. If any.

I take it I have a minor case of primary SS. But I still hurt, and I miss so many things I use to do and I don't know what to expect for the future.

I try not to future think, but I hate being blind sighted by something out of nowhere.

If I have an understanding that 'something' MIGHT occur, at least I can mentally prepare for the event.

It took me 3 mins to remember and finish that last sentence. I just blanked out and the brain fog took over.

That alone is irritating.

I know. In some ways it's a process, and in other ways, being ill never really processes. Sometimes things pile up on us, just all of the Doctors appointments do. Seems there is always an area that we are not quite where someone thinks we should be, or seeing all of the specialists they think we should see, or as often as they suggest...

You're right, there is only so much money we can put out, and only so much time we want to dedicate to being a patient, sometimes you do just want to live!

Hope you get to that concert!