I’ve had some adverse reactions to this drug, does anyone use it and what if any problems have you had with it?

I miss my pilocarpine! I'm sorry to hear that you've had some adverse reactions, you might do better with the more expensive, although IMO better, Evoxac. When I was first given Evoxac I finally figured out what moisture was... but my insurance didn't cover it. I switched to Pilocarpine and it took awhile for me to even notice it. I've now been without my pilocarpine for awhile due to finances.

If you don't mind me asking... what are your adverse reactions?

I use it 3 x's a day and it's been a lifesaver for me. Usually one of the key complaints with medication is compliance, but since I get immediate relief I never miss a dose.

I use it and love it. This drug has helped so much my only issue is if I miss a dose I feel like I am more dry than I was before.

Thanks a lot for the info. I took one pill the first day…noticed a bit of unusual perspiration, the second day after one pill I was profusely perspiring and quite flushed within minutes, however before an hour was up I had very severe cramping in my abdomen including urethra, vaginal, and colon…now I’m afraid to try again. Have not yet contacted my dr. (However even with insurance the cost is prohibitive) so I am looking for other suggestions.

I'd definitely suggest contacting your doctor. Cramping can sometimes be a sign or overdosing (according to medication guides), perhaps it's too strong of a dose for you?

Recently I've been combating some of my dryness with the continued use of biotene products but I've added unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil (I love the scent and the taste) I'm using it as a skin moisturizer, tooth cleaner and I eat it. My mouth, eyes- all over- is better. Maybe some all natural alternative(s) will help you out.

Contact your doctor though. Even if you don't plan to continue using the medication your doctor should be told about what you're experiencing.

Hope you are feeling better.

I started with pilocarpine, but found myself dripping with perspiration. My doc switched me to evoxac and I’ve had no side effects. I hope it works for you.

Thank you! will see, I need to check with my insurance to see what the cost will be, sad but a fact of life. Just spent $78 for the pilocarpine, but I think the local police dept will take drugs in for redistribution to the poor.

I like pilcoripine it makes me have more salivia the first time i took it i felt this rush of salivia i almost choked onnit Iam supossed to take it three times a day but i always forget the 2cnd dose but it has really helped the dry mouth alot i could not figure out why iI could not go any were with out my water bottle I hope you can find relif

Hello yes I have used the evozac and it worked very well but it made me so nauseas that I had to stop taking it. I really wish there was something I can do about that because my mouth and throat are so dry I'm hoarse have difficulty swallowing and can't sing anymore which I loved to do. Did you try the biotene gel? that helped a lot but now I have trouble finding it at my local stores but I'm sure you can find it on amazon.