Hi everyone! I just finished my predisone for a lung flare up That sent me to the hospital a few weeks back.predisone opens my airways up and makes me feel good. my doctor will not keep me on it says it will make me gain weight and has to many side affects.I have shogrens syndrome and it constantly affects my breathing. just wondering if someone has a doctor that uses predisone as a maintainence?
I wish everyone well today

I'm currently on Prednisone. I'm taking 60mg a day for a little less than a month now. It has been extremely effective in helping my breathing, (lung/breathing were my primary difficulty too). While it works I look forward to tapering off as the side effects can be tough.

Kthoma33 how are you doing tapering off the Predisone. I have finished mine was doing well laat week when I finished now my mouth is the dryist it’s ever been. just finished my fifth bottle of water and no relief. My saliva is getting thick again and I am afraid I will be in. The same place I was before I started the predisone. I AM TRYING to be positive! I hope you are well.