Reasearch Opportunity foa Common SJS Co-condition

A clinical trial opportunity for adults living with dermatomyositis is enrolling now! If you or someone you know are an adult living with dermatomyositis symptoms despite current or prior treatment, the VALOR Study may be a good fit.

The VALOR Study is testing whether the investigational medication brepocitinib, in the form of tablets taken by mouth, will improve skin and muscle problems seen in dermatomyositis. The medication is thought to block parts of the immune system that drive inflammation, which in turn causes some dermatomyositis symptoms.

This trial will enroll three groups of participants: two groups will take the study medication (each group at a different dose) and one group will take placebo - tablets that contain no active medication but look just like brepocitinib. With some exceptions, you can stay on your current medications for dermatomyositis while in the VALOR Study. You can also be treated by the study physician in the case of dermatomyositis flares.

Participants’ health will be closely monitored by a physician-led team, and study-related care is provided at no cost. Study-related travel and expenses for both the patient and a caregiver may also be provided.

Speak with a study team member for more information! Visit and click on the “Join The Study” button in the top right corner (or click here). You can choose a convenient time for a private interview, and you are never under obligation to enroll. Even if you are not ready to join the VALOR Study, please schedule an interview with our friendly team. They are ready to help you gather information to make the best decision for you.

Together, we can drive forward treatment insights for dermatomyositis. Thank you for considering the VALOR Study, and for sharing it with those you know affected by dermatomyositis! Visit to learn more today.