Refined Sugar

I am learning more and more, not to eat sweets. Especially Capt'n Crunch. OMG, I felt awful afterwards, I went to sleep and woke up shaking and woozy.

I have to stop drinking the ice tea mix I drink. Its diet and really weak, but it dries out my mouth.

Now I'm drinking water and feeling more at ease. About to gargle with Biotene.

I almost walked 10k on Friday. Amazing that I did it and didn't notice. I still had some break-thru pain, even with the Oxycodone. But, the knees didn't swell as much as long as I didn't rush and paced myself.

I also found that I was really dizzy after going to the Dentist. The novocaine they used sent me for a trip and I wasn't ok all day long. I kept falling asleep during the movie, found it hard to focus.

My friend treated me and wanted to see 3D, which was just too much of a strain on my eyes. Never again.

Yesterday and today are rest days.

But tomorrow I will try and walk around the park ONCE and then go see my mother. Now that I realize I can do close to 10k in steps, I'm gonna see if I can do this without pain.

It scares me, I'm so afraid of flare ups. But I need to see how far and if I can do this, I want to get back to 4 laps a day. Hopefully by next year.

I see my RA next week and the Plaquenil is, I hope doing its job. I think it is, I think it will work for me.