Just starting taking placquanil today. 1 1/2 tab per day. Hoping for some relief from fatigue pain dry eyes and mouth. I know it can take months to see any progress. I'll let you all know how it works.
By the way. Haven't seen any posts from SK. Does anyone know how she is doing? Last post I read she was feeling poorly. Miss her, and wish her well.

Thanks for your reply . I will try it at night.

Glad to hear SK is around.

I took it this morning before coming to work. Right my head is spinning. Definitely will take before bedtime.

Thanks again................

How long before your symtoms eased up? I took first dose yesterday morning. Felt pretty good yesterday.

I have stomach issues normally, and have them now, along with dizzy feeling. I take so many other meds, never sure when to take something, always concerned it may interact with what I'm already taking.

Thank you for your help and support, and taking the time to answer!

Tez, I did mean side effects. Truly I'm in a brain fog today.

Yes, we do all need support. Funny how some days your the sufferer, and some days your the supporter.

Love you guys, and thank you for the gift. Made me cry.

I know what you mean. Feel like I'm navigating through water all the time.

Sweet gestures make me tear up.

When I first started Plaquenil it definitely gave me stomach issues until I realized that I wasn't supposed to take it on an empty stomach. Once I started taking it with food, I don't notice it anymore. I take one 200 mg tablet with breakfast and another after dinner.

Hoping it works for you!


I take 1 1/2 5mg. Tez suggested I take it at bedtime. Dr never said when to take it, although I did take with food this morning. If I begin to feel better, I can suffer through it.

Thanks Liz. Appreciate your input.

Hi Tez, Now taking Plaquenil at bedtime as you suggested. I believe it is much better. Although last night stomach pains woke me several times. I'm hoping with time these side effects will subside. Been on it about four days now. Too soon to notice a difference. Although yesterday I had a day off from work. Got to stay in bed till 7am. Usually up at 6am. The extra hour makes a difference to me. Felt somewhat energized. What a great feeling not be have head fog.

When you walk around all day everyday feeling like s _ _ _, then you actually have a good day, well holy cow, great feeling. Back in work today, but not too bad.

Thank you Tez. Appreciate your concern.

Wow...sorry to hear you are having such a rough time with the Plaquenil. I take it in the morning immediately after eating and have no affects. In the very beginning I had the upset stomach but that is normal and it went away in about a week. Hopefully it will level off for you too.

In the long run, my personal experience has been really good. I am on it a little over 5 months and it has made such a difference for me. **Hugs**

Thanks for the response. The stomach pains have subsided. I'm taking it before bedtime. On it about a week now. I so long to feel better. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Hi Connie,

How are you? I am hopeful that you are getting some good results from the Plaquinil! Yes, it's early in the game for results, but I'm optimistic!

Oh yes, I'm still around! I've missed hearing from you too, so don' t be a stranger!

Sending my best,


Oh Hello!

So good hearing from you. Are you feeling a bit better?

Still too soon for me with Plaquinil. Feel about the same. Always hopeful.

Take care, and thank you for checking in with me.