Ringing ears

I have always had a bit of tinnitus but over the last couple months it has quickly gotten a lot louder and its all the time now. Has anyone else had this? Did you find anything that helped? I see the neurologist this Tuesday but not really sure if it would be his department or my rheumetologist (who I don't see for a few more weeks). My only "new" med is Gralise which I started in November. Everything else I've been on for a long time. I could also use hints on what to ask, if anyone has been in this spot. Thanks!

Can't suggest anything to help I'm afraid, but I can sympathise! I know people have said listening to music with headphones helped them, but I have to say it seems to make mine worse. I don't know if mine's related to SS- my ears are so dry and I don't get any wax like I used to- it's also quite a common complaint with Eagles which I have, but I've had surgery recently and as yet no difference! Good luck with getting some answers frm your doctors.

Thanks… I have read a few articles that suggest it may be SS but no idea why. The dry ears is interesting though. Mine get itchy and I've heard that can be the dryness. Hmm… What kind of surgery, out of curiosity? Someone suggested Niacin supplements but they can react with my heart med so I'm afraid that may be out.

I had a styloidectomy, for the Eagles Syndrome. The styloid processes both sides were/are pressing on the nerves in my neck, (GN,TN and facial nerves) and also the jugular veins. I've had the worse side removed, not sure whether the other side will need to be removed at some point in the future. But because nerves were irritated all around my ear I wasn't sure if this caused the tinnitus, or if it was the dryness.

Aha- Enjoylife, I've just read a post a member of the LivingwiththeEagle community posted yesterday re tinnitus, and she recommended Lipoflavinoids, a vitamin and mineral compound, which she said helped her after a month. It's available over the counter in drugstores. But obviously people should check with their own doctor or pharmacist as to whether it's okay to take with their other medication.

Cool, thanks. I will check on it. Anything that helps even a little is a wonderful thing.