Problem with ears

My ears are so dry that I feel like they are stuffed with cotton. I’ve tried ear drops but if I use them more than once a week I seem to have drainage in my throat. I’m not sure if this is related to sjogrens or not

Any ideas?

My one ear especially has been like that for over a year. They say I am just losing my hearing, but I really think it is related to SS.

I have lost some hearing as well,but not sure if it’s SS or just a sign of getting older. I guess i need to see an ENT.

I too have ear problems. Right ear is always clogged and it itches. My primary recommends wax removal. Haven't done that yet.

Here’s some trivia for you…l

There are two types of ear wax: wet, and dry. Which type you are depends upon your genetics. You almost have to know your genetics to tease out the reason for a problem like this though.

Sogren’s antibodies can affect nearly every part of our bodies. There is such thing as autoimmune hearing loss. Treating it usually begins with treating the Sjogren’s.

Using ear drops shouldn’t result in any throat issues though. The outer ear canal and inner ear and eustachian tube should not be connected. Could it be that the ear dryness is a symptom of SS that is just followed by throat problems that might also be a symptom of SS? Could be worth talking with your doctor, for sure.

Good luck.

I just read an article about that. I have had tinnitus for years but in the last 6 months its suddenly gotten louder. They say that inflammation related ringing or hear loss definitely happens with SS. However I can see the ear wax being drier and not moving so well even with the simplest form of SS.

I am actually dealing with ear pain today and debating about going into the doctor. Here is an overview of things, and since she sites a source, I thought I would post it.

I suspect mine MIGHT be polychondritis or my trigeminal neuralgia, but it could just be allergies, even though they are not bothering me a lot.

They suggest a drop of mineral oil.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I was told by a doctor warm olive oil soothes ear infection pain. I would assume you could use a lesser amount for the dryness irritation

I have read that sesame oil is much better for you and for this

well, went to the doctor, and I have....had?....a retracted ear drum. It hurt, and I need to get to the doctor's tomorrow or Thursday and have them look to see if it is better. Anyone have that before? I was really surprised because I was already doing everything, except the nasal irrigation, that the doctor ended up telling me to do to help it. My allergies are not even bothering me much!