Inner ear problems? Could be Sjogren's related!

I happened to trip over this earlier today, while researching info for another group, and wanted to share it with you. Anyone here with inner ear problems?

Hi, yes I suffer from vertigo because of inner ear problems and I also have tinnitus although I’m not sure what causes the tinnitus. I’ve aquired them both with the sjogrens. I’m not sure if it is a seperate autoimmune disease as It seems to be from where I’m dry everywhere and it causes thick mucous to build up behind my ear drums. Yuck :slight_smile:

I also have a lot of problems with earaches/earinfections and am extremely dizzy. But the dizzyness comes with or without the earache.
Does anyone expierience troubles (dizzyness)with lights in stores?
I seem to be very sensitive to light and movement.


I have been on a repeat prescription now for six years for reoccurring ear infections and also a dry skin in my ear so need constant creams

Thanks for reading far enough into this to know what I was talking about! Seems I forgot the 'ear' in 'inner ear'! DUH!

Yes Ingrid, those bright fluorescent lights in retail spaces really do get me, and I can only imagine what would happen to us if we showed up in dark glasses carrying an umbrella inside! Regrettably I have a fluorescent ceiling light in the kitchen, and I hate it, but until I can find another strong single light source for low ceilings, I'm stuck! I use the halogen under cupboard lights when I can, but at dark, those are not enough to see all needed areas!

Yes, in about 1994 I was diagnosised with Ménière's disease /mnˈjɛərz/,[1] also called endolymphatic hydrops, is a disorder of the inner ear. I had vertigo so disabling that I couldn't even walk.. I vomited all the time and I crawled everywhere for several days. I went to a ear doctor and after several prescriptions and exercises he thought that it was best to operate on that ear and put in a permanent drain to drain away excess fluid. Well, it worked for the vertigo, but I also lost my hearing due to that surgery and wear a hearing aid to this very day. If we had only know it was related to Sjogren's maybe we could have tried steroids or some of the cancer drugs mentioned in this article. I'm so glad you posted this article, maybe it will help someone with their Meniere's before they totally ruin their hearing with surgery.

Thanks for listening.

I have Meniere's disease in one ear, was diagnosed around the same time as sjogren's. I had no idea there might be a connection.

Lady Deda and bella, I just had a member of another group tell me that they had the very same thing. She suffers from terrible bouts of vertigo.

To treat this vertigo, he sends her for regular rounds of Physical Therapy. She said it helps a little...

I am having problems with my left ear. I have lost 80% of the hearing in it. Been to an audiologist and had an MRI. Seeing the ENT again on Wednesday for the final verdict. I have vertigo and ringing in the ear but the Audiologist says everything in my ear is clear and working correctly. She seems to think I have an Accoustic Neuroma. Is that part of Sjogrens? Am going to look up Meniere's Disease

Thanks for the info. Will now research more ready for Wednesday.

SK said:

I experience lots of dizziness and also terrible motion sickness brought on by the slightest movement of my head. ( In fact, I'm the first person I ever heard of who vomited after a "restorative" yoga class!) Can no longer stand loud noises either.

And when I actually used to shop??? I would have to leave some stores because the bright or different colored lights would make me nauseous.

Go figure. . .