Seeing people you used to know

For years I was always athletic and into sports and for years I was known to be a tough girl and everyone always left me alone in general because I stood up for myself and other people and bullies tended to stay away from people like me. Anyways, seeing people now after I haven’t seen some of them in close to 10 years and the me now and the me then are completely different people. Not only because the obvious maturity gap between high school and your late 20’s but because I am so much more frail than I ever was before. The strong muscular girl that didn’t take any crap off of anyone I feel is starting to slowly fade away and this new weak frail me has taken her place. I know emotionally and mentally I am so much stronger but physically my body feels like it is breaking down slowly and I’m trying to come to grips with this me and I’m not sure that I like it but I’m not sure there is anything I can do about it either. Things are just getting to me more and more lately that never bothered me before.

It’s a lot of changes indeed. Sometimes talking about these things, either within a support group or with a therapist, can be really helpful to process things. I don’t know what sort of treatment you’ve tried, and how it’s gone. But there may be more that you can do to manage the disease. More importantly, there may be more that you can do to manage how you handle your health issues.

I know that when I hit my first major health hurdle at 25 years old, I did work with a therapist for a stretch. It helped a lot with my mindset.


Hi Lee Ann,

Just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling. How are things going?


I can relate to this. At 62 I was still doing 30 miles a week on the treadmill and spending 6 days a week in the weight room. One day it was over I just didnt have any energy and had extreme joint pain. I was diagnosed with sjogrens shortly after.

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Same here! I had 15 years in the martial arts. I miss it terribly. That mentality is still very much with me. Even though I have been out for a few years I have a hard time adjusting to the fact that my body doesn’t work the same way.
Yuck. Trying to find things like elliptical, yoga, classes and things that will feed that and keep me going.

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