Sjogrens and Lupus

If anyone might know if you test positive for sjogrens and negative for Lupus even though you have additional symptoms that mimics Lupus is there a chance later you can test positive?

Test positive how? Patients with anti-SSA(Ro)-positive Sjögren's syndrome (SS)/lupus erythematosus (LE) overlap are a immunogenetically, serologically and clinically homogeneous group; what they have in common is an increased frequency of the HLA-DR3 phenotype, demonstrating SSA(Ro) antibody activity and the typical annular, polycyclic, erythematous lesions of subacute cutaneous LE. The sicca symptoms of SS may develop long after the cutaneous lesions of LE have been present, or vice versa, as well as vasculitic, purpuric, and Sweet's syndrome-like lesions.If you are not in that group now, its not likely that you will be. That SSA (Ro) antigen rarely changes.

While there is overlap between the two diseases, don't let your self get sucked into worrying about what doesn't need worrying about. There are multiple groups of fatalists all over the net (and a few here) that are convinced SS leads to multiple diseases and the most severe symptoms for everybody. It dosen't Its a full time job dealing with what one has without worrying about being in the smallish minority that get the real nasty stuff.

Ok so you seem very knowledgeable, so I need your help in layman's terms. I was diagnosed last summer. My ANA test was speckled with a teeter of some thing. Then if I remember correctly they got me into a specialist and also had a liver biopsy, salivary gland biopsy. diagnosed with Primary Sjogrens, NASH, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, with chronic inflammation. So yes I am part of this group and the support team of NAFLD/Nash. Before all of this I spent two years going to physical therapy, chiropractor, neurologist, and he sent me to the pain clinic with several injections. Moved to Idaho and surgery fusing L4, L5 ,and the S1 Joint. So I have seen so many Dr's and now this brain fog. I'm not trying to worry about it guess I didn't understand when I was first tested they said results were normal and the second time I have Primary Sjogrens. Someone put out on a blog that all of her symptoms sounded more like Lupus. At first that was what I could be facing. So I just wanted to know if lupus can be detected later? I am a new member for about a month and really never introduced myself.

I think the term you are lookin for is titre. What they do in an ANA test is dilut the liquid part of your blood and look to see if there is ANA present. They start at 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, etc. hopefully you see the pattern. The thing is all a ANA test tells you is if there is ANA. There is lots of kinds ANA. Just counting it is like using a fish finder. You have no clue what they are just that there are fish down there. In your case they went further and confirmed that its SS. If your medical team tells you to worry about lupus, then worry. Strangers on the internet, not so much. A titre for lupus is very high. Without knowing your actual numbers I can't comment.