Sjorgrens and MDS

Do any of you have Sjorgrens and MDS?
I have had Sjorgrens for about 15 years. I started getting lower and lower WBC counts. Then about in January of 2014 had my first bone marrow biopsy and they ruled out all the big diseases like lymphoma and leukemia.
But in Feb of 2015 had my second bone marrow biopsy as my RBC also started getting low. This second biopsy revealed that I have MDS subtype RAEB type 1.
I’d really like to hear from any of the Sjorgrens support people that have had a similar diagnosis.
God bless you all is my prayer.

Please share the meaning of the acronyms MDS and RAEB. I don't know what they are. Others may not know either.

BTW just my immunosuppresion from autoimmune drugs has destroyed any accurate white blood count (WBC) whether I'm healthy or sick.

You got to hold on.

I am not familiar with those either. I have a low WBC but I thought it was due to the plaquenile