Soft Food For Bad Teeth

Hi there, I've been so thankful for sjogrens support helping me help my mom out. We've been through so many struggles. Mom's supposed to get full dentures this year but since she had lost SO MUCH weight they advised her to do it in two stages. We did phase 1; phase 2 is ahead.

In the meantime Mom DESPISES PUREE. With a passion.

But we were able to move into the same house where we settled into a fairly good mechanical soft diet routine where she's getting enough calories, she's back on her feet getting a more strength up as I "custom tailor" meals to her liking. And she still uses her remaining teeth.

I thought there must be other caregivers and patients out there who might be interested in seeing what we've done so far, especially if they have the same struggles we did. So I created an ebook called "Chew Less Eat More: Mechanical Soft Nutrient Dense Soft Food Ideas For The Greatest Generation & Beyond".

It's got recipes (mostly southern with some whole food and paleo influence) and a lot of brainstorm lists with links to recipes. Being new to ebooks it was a little hard to format (no page numbers!) so be kind!! The info is there.


Do you have a favorite soft food? Do you have a go-to meal for days when you're flaring or having tooth trouble?

I'd love to hear other share their stories...

I'm lucky not to have teeth issues, but have had two neck/ skull base ops for Eagle's Syndrome which meant that I couldn't eat much and found it difficult to chew. My favourite thing to have was a smoothie- I juiced pineapple and spinach, then blended that with a banana and natural yoghurt, so lots of goodness- you can add extra nutrient powders to it as well if you need it. I also love lentil and carrot soup, mildly spiced, but if your mouth's too sore from dryness then these aren't always best- it depends what sort of foods set you off. I also love roasting butternut squash with some red onion and rosemary, then blitzing that with stock for a lovely soup. If my mouth's sore from the dryness then some days I just have poopy breakfast cereals and yoghurt too!

Your book sounds a great idea! I'm a moderator for the Ben's Friends Eagle Syndrome site and people are always asking for ideas of soft foods to have when they're having swallowing difficulty, so I think your book may well be useful to our members as well!

I love pastina with butter. It is the tiny star shaped noodle.

I remember that! Used to love it when I was a kid.