Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself

I have been having some numbness over the past few months, kind of annoying but never really bothered me. This morning I had a dentist appointment so I was brushing my teeth and my left hand went numb (I am left handed) so I had to brush my teeth with my right hand. I have never been good at doing things with my right hand. So I ended up with toothpaste and drool everywhere which my youngest daughter thought was hilarious! So I rush out the door to get to my appointment and the dental assistant (or whatever she is) points at my shirt, which was apparently covered in toothpaste, and says “I see you prepared for your appointment.”

Thanks for the giggle we all can relate to!

LOL, that's hilarious!

I've actually tried brushing my teeth left handed and writing left handed because I've heard it's "good for the brain." It feels so awkward and silly when I do it. You've now inspired me to go brush my teeth with my left hand just to experience the awkwardness again.

LOL.. I love it! A sense of humor is priceless

Thanks for the laugh! I hope you explained to your hygienist. I'm sure she would have laughed with you.

Oh I did, the whole dentists office is well aware of my situation, it’s probably the only medical perk to living in a small town haha

I hope everything went well at the appointment. I use both hands and always get a good laugh when my very right handed grandson tries to do things left handed. It is wonderful that we can laugh and it is very good medicine for us.

Oh, I missed this one! ha! Sounds like something I would do!

Worst one I ever did was go to my GP, who shares his waiting room with the medical lab waiting room, (so half the town is in there) forgetting my bottom partial denture! I couldn't understand the look I was getting from people and finally it dawned on me, all I could do was make a joke about it, but I'm one hell of a looking thing without that partial! ha! Scared them good! ha!