Sometimes you just never know

Sometimes you just never know how much your meds are helping you until you have to stop them! WHOA! What a way to find out.

I picked up a wicked flu, yes, it finally got me! Had my head in a bucket for days, but had I not had the flu shot, I would have most likely gone down much longer. Could keep NOTHING down, so could not take meds, no pills, and had to stop the Humira shot for Psoriatic Arthritis, and man oh day, did the pain ramp up!

Nerve pain, joint pain, was unbelievable! I certainly found out just how much my meds ARE HELPING ME, I am so glad to start to resume them. Still not ready for the Humira shot yet, but it will be a few more days before I think about that.

Has anyone else found out how much there meds were helping the hard way?

Hope everyone is as well and happy as can be!


I wasn't too convinced either until I had to take a break from Enbrel for minor surgery. I had a wicked flare. Still, I do wish that it did more.

I know how you feel. If I miss any Restasis my eyes feel ulcerated. If I miss Evoxac I can’t even swallow because there is no moisture in my mouth. If I miss any of my meds for neuropathy my hands and my feet are totally numb and burning like fire. These are the worst, but of course there are others. I wouldn’t even know what to do if I couldn’t take my medication. Just you pointing this out makes me feel grateful for the help I do have.
I’m glad you are feeling better! I had the flu this year as well and it was a nightmare.

i am so hoping the reumotologist can find out if it is sjogrens i have and get me on meds. my dryness and pain are escalating. my dry mouth is horrible, i cant swallow anything without chasing it with a mouthfull of water along with. i choke on a bite of bread if i dont drink with it, just no saliva in my mouth. i can at times still produce tears, but i always have no moisture in my eyes when ever i wake up either from a nights sleep or just a 2 hour nap. i have pain in all my joints, cronic constipation, have to take miralax every day. and i never sweat so i have to be careful how long i stay out in the hot sun since in dont sweat. so i know i have something wrong, just what? had a pulmonary embolism in 2013 and in fall of 2014 a venus sagittal sinus thrombosis, still recovering from that with equilibruim problems. now let me ask all you, does equilibrium or vertigo problems come with sjogrens, because i have had that on occassion years past, just that now its every day 24hours a day, getting a little better with thereapy

Hi yellowrose,

I had vertigo after the last car accident, and when I was put on Gabapentin, but other than that, I do not have it. Hopefully you have a list comprised for your Doctor, keep one for yourself.

I hope that you can soon find some relief, yellowrose! My good thoughts and wishes are with you!

the reumotologist name is Dr Robert C. Wisco. he is in dakota dunes south dakota. and he has many ailments he treats and is:

Board Certifications

  • Internal Medicine
  • Rheumatology

he also treats many of the conditions that go along with sjogrens, lupus and others so if he cant pin down a specific syndrome at least maybe he can treat my problems.

i have not seen the doc yet, appointment is may 12th, my neurologist referred me to him. i am on warfin so i cant take flax seed. the physical therapist said something about crystals in my ear may not be places correctly and so did my chiropractor. i looked that up and found info about that. but pt also asked me if i had ever been diagnosed with mineres disease. not sure i spelled that right. so its a long road to find out. primary doctor, neurologist, psychologist, physical therapy for vertigo, chiropractor to correct the issues my seizures caused and then reumotologist. lots of bills, but if i can get some answers it will be worth it. i get so depressed just dealing with all this.

back in 2009 i went to doc with sores in my mouth, he called them lesions. was sent to oral surgen and she took biopsy of one, came back lichen planus but was unclear, they wanted to do another biopsy that had to be sent in a specific solution, i did not get the 2nd one done because of the cost and my insurance would not pay for it. i was told to maybe see if certain foods cause this so i experimented and it may be cinnamon or red food coloring and some chocolates. i know for a fact that cinnamon is a problem. and when i eat some chocolates i get sores, and eating store bought cherries i also have problems but not cherries off a tree so it could be something other than red. dont know. just wondering if sjogrens play a part in this. this one has me baffeled. but since i stay off cinnamon i have few problems. sometimes i dont get sores but just a feeling that i have sunburned my mouth.