Started Plaquenil Yesterday. Wondering about other's side effects when they started

Dizzy and slightly disoriented. Just feel like it's hard getting use too this med. I know it takes 6 - 12 months to actually kick in, but it makes me feel so weird. Gonna have to read the side effects again, so I can be more wary of what to expect. All I remember was the dizziness.

Yesterday, I had to call a friend to pick me up and help me run my errands because I couldn't walk any further. I'm hoping this will never happen again. It was an errand I felt like I could do, because I've done it before in the past. But I couldn't. It's a hard thing to swallow. I just feel like my body is falling apart. I'm crumbling and I just wonder if it will get worse.

The pain has been real bad between yesterday and today. I hate that you should take it with food. I'm trying to watch my food intake and I have no appetite, but I emotional eat and my anxieties make me want to eat. Basically, I need too work out food issues and making sure my hypoglycemia under control. I get scared it will flare up, so I eat. Even when I don't want too.

I'm not gonna stop taking it, cause I know in the long run it should help me feel better. The fatigue and aches and pains. I've been thru this before, I just have to be patient.

I took plaquenil for a number of years. I didn’t have any side effects at all. Now methotrexate- that was a completely different story.

Hey…I have been taking Plaquenil for over a year. It should take 4-6 months to get to full potency. I started seeing an improvement in the 3rd month that did continue to get better in the 4th & 5th. In the beginning I dealt with upset stomach and things but they went away. If you are feeling extreme symptoms talk to your doctor. I don't know that what you are describing is a normal side effect of it but its not worth messing with.

The level of fatigue you describe is where I was regularly before I started taking Plaquenil. That was horrible. I still get fatigued but now it comes more in flairs and its not near as constant or long lasting as it was. I hope the best for you. Please keep us updated.