Surgery and anesthesia

I am having surgery in the morning on my cervical spine. They will need to move my esophagus which causes a sore throat and hoarse voice. I already have a chronic sore throat and get hoarse when I talk more than 5 minutes. Besides telling the anesthesiologist about SS, what else should I make sure the staff understands??

I don't know anything first hand but on the Sjogren's Syndome Foundation website it gives this list of tips regarding surgery:

Surgery & Sjögren’s Survival Tips

  • Sjögren’s patients undergoing surgery should talk to their doctor about bringing medications and OTC products that are not commonly stocked in hospital pharmacies.
  • If you are headed to the hospital, you should inform hospital personnel during the pre-admission visit or phone call about the OTC and prescription medications you need and are bringing.
  • Consider using a nasal moisturizer before surgery, even if you do not routinely use one. Sjögren’s patients tend to be drier than expected after surgery.
  • Anticipate experiencing more dryness than usual after surgery. Sjögren’s patients should bring extra eye drops and oral and nasal moisturizers to the hospital.
  • Tell your surgeon, anesthesiologist and other physicians and staff involved in your hospital care that you have Sjögren’s. Share information about your dryness and other symptoms and routine care.
  • If you are headed for surgery, ask the nurse to speak with the anesthesiologist to obtain permission for you to take Evoxac® or Salagen® the morning of your surgery if it is part of your routine care.
  • Before entering the hospital, check out your hospital’s policies. You may be allowed to keep your medications at your bedside, or they may be administered by a nurse. OTC products probably can be kept at your bedside for use as needed.

Hope that helps you! Good luck with your surgery!

Thanks for posting these suggestions. I think I have covered most of them. I am determined to make the anesthesiologist understand what is happening with me.

I just saw this post but I would've directed you to the same list! Thanks for posting the topic because its important that people understand how many ways SS can affect or be affected by surgery. Please let us know how things went.