Hi folks! I had a question. I'm going to be having hand surgery in a few weeks. It will be with a block and happy drugs, so no concern about general anesthesia. I'll speak to the anesthesiologist prior to surgery, but I was wondering. Has anybody had surgery and had issues with gum or sucking candy prior to surgery? Even though it's just a block, I was told no food or drink after midnight the night before. I wake up very dry in the morning. Clearly I can use mouthwash, but was wondering about gum.

That's what I was figuring, for that exact reason. I guess mouthwash it is the morning of, and that should get me over the worst of it.

not had sugery in quite a number of years, but just thinking, i use biotene toothpaste, and mouth wash, also biotene spray to help with dry mouth when unable to drink. i would think gum up to the sugery hour would be ok since they usually let a person suck on ice. all gum does is help increase saliva. but asking doc would be advisable

Thanks folks. I appreciate the tips.


I would definitely ask your doctor. Unfortunately I don't think they're going to allow the gum. But since you're not going to be under general anesthesia you may be pleasantly surprised. Mouthwash is a good idea, but make sure it doesn't have alcohol in it. Most do and they will dry out your mouth more. As Tez mentioned, biotene is specifically made for dry mouth I like their PBF Oral Rinse more than the original because it tastes better.

I think ACT has also come out with a dry mouth rise, but I haven't tried it.

I would suggest you take a water bottle with you. That way you won't have to wait for small cups of water from the nurses.


i have learned something from this. was not thinking about gum increasing production of stomach secretions i knew it increased saliva but thats as far as i went with my thinking. it makes sense now. if i have not had anything to eat and chew gum i now know why i have increased heart burn. good to know

Tez_20 said:

Hi Stoney,

I've add operations all linked with the lupus and lymph nodes and it's been a no for anything only water to take my tablets and that's it because chewing gum increases the production of saliva and stomach secretions.

I know it's hard mate as i'm the same as yourself when i wake but why not phone up and speak with a sister in the aspect of the block and if anyone should know it's them but i've never been allowed nothing.

Terri :)