Things MIGHT be looking up for me

I FINALLY got accepted with my new Rheumy in Jonesboro AR!!! My first appt is March 28th at 1:30!!! I almost cried I felt so relieved!!! I feel like I have hope now where there was once, none!!

I am still having surgery Thursday, the 23rd. I went and pre-registered this past Friday. Had an EKG & some blood work done. I should get a call soon telling me what time I need to be there. I chose not to have my surgery at the hospital. Instead I am having it at a place similar to a “surgery center”. And my surgeon starts surgeries at Noon so I am hoping I am first. Since I am NPO after midnight on Wednesday. But I have news for them…I am swishing & spitting!!! There is NO WAY I can go that long without swishing water & spitting it out!!! lol

Just wanted to share my WONDERFUL news and than y’all for all the kind words & support!! You guys are the greatest!!


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Yayyy Limarie, we’re so happy for you!! Let us know how it goes!

That’s great news! You’re not on meds to increase saliva are you? My last two surgeries they had me take my Evoxac in a tiny sip of water in the morning. It made the morning go much more smoothly.

Thanks y’all!! I will post about my appt as soon as I get home! Jonesboro is about an hour and a half drive…one way. So hubby & I are gonna make a day of it! Our anniversary is April 5th (my Neuro consult) so we may as well celebrate a few days early in Jonesboro!

Stoney…I am on Evoxac as well. My surgeon had never heard of Evoxac before. But they will let me know what meds I can & cannot take when they call to tell me what time I need to report for surgery. I’m sure my Evoxac will be allowed but I still may have to swish & spit some. lol

Thanks again!

I’m extra glad that I mentioned the Evoxac then. Ask about it specifically during the pre-surgical chat.

Glad you have a date, and best wishes for you! I had surgery last year and the no drinking was horrible. I used a mouth spray to produce more saliva, but that really upset my stomach later so had terrible stomach pain after the op- wouldn’t recommend that!!

Stoney…I’m glad you did too!! lol I will be sure & ask about it!! Thanks!! :smile:

Jules…thanks so much, and thanks for the tip! :smile: