Rheumy appt today......Cardiology appt tomorrow

Evening everyone…saw my Rheumy today. Filled him in on my rapid heart rate. And gave him a copy of my EKG. He said he had never heard of Evoxac causing rapid heart rate…but to run it by my Cardiologist tomorrow. BTW…my heart rate was 114 when his nurse took my vitals.

I have been on plaquenil this go round, since July 18, and I told him that I haven’t felt any improvement at all. In fact I am still taking 2 naps a day some days (as recently as yesterday). He said by this time I SHOULD be at least starting to feel at least a slight improvement. He said there were other meds but he wanted to keep me on plaquenil a little longer because he believes it is the best. So I have a return appt on 12/12. I am a LITTLE disappointed about staying on the plaquenil but I understand where he is coming from.

Well that’s about it…until tomorrow afternoon. My Cardiology appt is at 2 pm CST. I am doing my best to stay calm and not dwell too much. Heart disease runs in my family so, it may be unavoidable.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!
Lisa :cherry_blossom:

How did the cardiology appointment go Limarie?

Thanks so much for asking Stoney…but not good I’m afraid. When his nurse took my vitals my pulse was 118. So she let me sit and relax for a good 5-6 minutes. Then she re-took it…and it was then 112.

Dr. came in and asked a bunch of questions and listened to my heart & listened to me take a few deep breaths. Then he told me what I was experiencing was not normal. Someone my age should have a pulse in the high 60’s to mid to high 70’s (during non stressful times) so…I am wearing a heart monitor for 30 days (it comes off the morning of Oct 14), I have a walking stress test scheduled for Sept 27. Have to be there at 6 AM should take between 4-6 hours. Then I return to Dr office on Oct 11 for an echo-cardiogram and will get all my results.

I feel like I am in very good hands with this Dr. I felt like he was very thorough. I originally had an appt on Nov 16. with my Mom’s Dr. But was able to get in way earlier with this Dr. My heart Dr knows my Mom’s history also. He is the one that put in her pacemaker/defibrillator.

So that’s where I stand right now.
Hope you have a great weekend!!

I’m glad that he’s being so thorough.

That sounds a little unnerving. Thanks for keeping us updated. And very glad you are in good hands.