Tests for sjogren's

I have all the symptoms of sjogren's including peripheral neuropathy, dry mouth eyes, tested dry eyes, but negative for blood tests. Can I still have Sjogren's?

Hi Sabra,

Thanks to Kaz, we just found out about a new test for Sjogren's a painless one at that!


Yes, you could still have it, I was tested many times before mine showed up as anything as negative, it is elusive by the old blood test standards, but hopefully the new test mentioned below is readily available. Some have autoimmune diseases that never do show up on blood tests!

I'm in the same boat, Sabra, although me and my dentist are convinced. I am desperate to find a doctor who will do this test. The lab is Immco Labs and I see the order form on their site for the 093 test. Now I just have to find a doctor who can/will do that. I'm going to docs right now in a university system and it's sick how tied their hands are doing anything but what the university says they can do and the tests they are "allowed" to run. Good luck to you. I hope we can both get this test.

It was decades before my tests started coming back positive for SS. Happens all the time. So, yes, you can still very much have SS, or another autoimmune disease. It's the way autoimmune diseases work.