Thank you

thank you so much for letting me a part of your support group boy! do I need it. No one in my family or friends do not understand what I am going threw especially my husband. He knows that I have so many things to do to make me feel better and that It cost a lot of money for all the doctors and products to make me feel better. I learned from you that you have to keep trying to find a doctor that have experience with sjogrens and know how to treat all the symptoms.

With the dry eye I've been putting my eye drops in the refrigerator as was told by my eye doctor and ignored, but it does make a big difference because I have extremely dry eyes and mouth, peripheral neuropathy, muscle pain, RA.

I am still in such of the doctor that I need and hopefully that will happen soon. I have a rheumy but does not address my symptoms very well so I just call all they rheumys that take my insurance to see if they ever treated a person with Sjogrens, that will sae a lot of time and effort. Thanks to all of you

What kinda eye drop do u use, I have been using systaine high performance drops, they seem to work ok for me, I work long hrs so it’s hard for me, so I just keep the eye drops in my pocket, it feels like people stare at my eyes now, or maybe I’m self conscious.

Hello, For eyedrops, I am finding Carmize useful. Each pack contains 5 vials and these can be part used and closed and then reopened within 4 hours. I use SALIVEZE for mouth moisture, and find that easy to CARRY AROUND. Best wishes.

I just "lost" my comment - I was saying that I use Carmize for my eyedrops. Each pack contains 5 vials which can be saved for up to 4 hours (being resealed during this time) For mouth moisture I use ~Saliveze which is easy to carry around. Best wishes..