Update on dry eyes

Well...at least I have been diagnosed with dry eyes. lol My tear test came back good though. I am on a new drop called retaine. Anyone heard of? They also gave me other ideas and advice. I had bought a gel pack to put in microwave and they said that was awesome and to use it as often as needed. Also when showering to use the baby shampoo. Put it on your eye lids and lashes then when washing your face, wash it off. Also let the hot water run directly on your eyelids for 5 seconds a piece. All of this is supposed to help. I know the gel pack works wonders. I seem to fall asleep instantly though cause it's so soothing to me. Was a rough weekend for me. Saturday was good, spent with my best friend crafty shopping. Sunday I'm not sure if I'm still in a flare up or a pity party day, but was just exhausted and in tears multiple times. I've decided to stop researching for awhile. I know I've got stuff going on and would love answers but I've got myself so scared about what the future does or does not hold for me that it is paralyzing my everyday. I will try to be patient and wait til April for the rheumatologist. Still feeling very crappy today as I sit at work, so I shall do my best to get through it.

I will be staying on here though. I need your support and I feel my support to you is also helpful to all of us.

Frustrated, I did the same thing with researching SS when I was first diagnosed. I scared myself half to death. There does come a point that you have to stop looking at all of the possibilities and work with what is in front of you. I'm glad you are staying on. I landed here after going through few different sites….I stayed because of the friendship and positive support that I found. I'm glad its the same for you. Like they say, its ok to stop and have a good cry once in awhile, just don't unpack and live there. LOL.

As for the things they are suggesting for the eyes, they help a lot. The only other suggestion I got that was also good was to keep drops in the fridge….they feel great. My office is freezing so i keep a bottle in the desk….same effect. ;)

That's exactly what I said this weekend. A lot of people suffer from depression--mine started long before all this other crap came creeping in. You have two choices: You can let it take control of your life (and it will quickly) or you can make the decision to do the best you can. I try not to wallow but every couple of weeks it really does take me down. I might let it take me over for a day or half a day but then I'm done, I see something needs changed and I have to make the decision on what it is and right now it's researching cause I'm getting into researching lupus also and I just can't go there right now. I need to live for today and enjoy this time with my family. I've went downhill quite quickly in the last couple years and I'm sure it will continue at that rate. I don't need to add more to it. I need to enjoy watching my son grow up and I still need to guide the 20 year old through the pot holes (who also suffers from depression) of grown up life. Not REAL grown up. Almost 21 and living at home, but I've told her to stay as long as she needs and be ready when she leaves.

I guess it's like everything- striking a balance. You need to be informed and that helps deal with stuff and to advocate for yourself with health professionals, but equally it can be scary; some extreme symptoms are very rare and it's easy if you're not careful to worry unnecessarily. Dr Google is not always helpful!

No. Dr. Google is not always helpful. lol If I have other symptoms come up you know for sure I will post them on here and ask for the advice of my fast becoming friends.