Too much Vitamin D3?

Hi. This is my first post since joining introducing myself in 2017 (had navigational problems). I’m 57 years old and was diagnosed in 2014 with ‘primary’ Sjogren’s. I was told to take D3, 2,000 IU daily but I’ve been wondering whether that’s too high a dosage when I look at the rda. I also take calcium chewies that I recently noticed have 250% of the recommended daily amount of D3. I’ve been reading that it’s not clear whether there is such a thing as too much D3 but I’m beginning to wonder whether with my healthy diet in addition to the supplements, I’m doing something harmful to myself.

PS I’m concerned because I just read about a possible link to an excessive intake of D3 and kidney problems and I’ve been having a pain in my right side off and on.

Hi @Marsey! Have you ever had your vitamin D level checked? It seems that this might be a good place to start. I think I take 1000mg a day. I’m curious. . . what got you started on a higher dose?

Hi Stoney. The only time my D3 level was checked was when I first fell sick and they had run a slew of tests. Following that, I’d gone to an internist who instructed me to take D3 with IU2000 (specifically) daily.I got a referral and went to Cleveland Clinic in Florida and my assigned rheumatologist instructed the same (or possibly told me to continue with the D supplement when I’d given an account of all medications I was taking). I also take cod liver oil, and told each of those doctors that and I know that that also has 100% the RDA for Vitamin D. Thanks for responding and thanks for suggesting what should have been the obvious – I’ll have my D3 level tested.

Mine has been low for years. Currently, I’m supposed to be taking 2-50,000IU d3 a week. I get worried about too much as well. I forget often, but plan to get started again this week as my level is a 12.

Wow! That’s a high dosage you’re taking regularly. When tests were run initially, my level showed up as normal and that’s why I wonder whether high D3 prescriptions are just something doctors go to almost automatically when Sjogren’s is diagnosed, not necessarily considering other facts. Have you had any adverse effects that seem to be related specifically to the dosages?