Tozal - for dry eye syndrome

Hi. Has anyone ever heard of or used the supplement Tozal. My doctor gave me a prescription for it stating this is what the astronauts use.

The pharmacist said it would cost $65 for a one month supply. I decided to buy the over the counter Omega -3 supplements instead.

No never heard of this drug. ..for one thing I could never afford it. I use Restasis for my dry eyes. I also use lubricants at night.

I haven't heard of Tozal before. I found this link:

There's a lot more in it than just Omega 3. You could always try to reproduce it with multiple supplements. I'm not sure it's worth $65 a month.

Does your insurance allow you to get several months worth through a mail order pharmacy? Sometimes that can be a lot cheaper for these more expensive meds.


Thanks for the information, LadyDeda & Josh. My insurance company will not contribute to any part of the cost. I use Restasis, preservative free eye drops, warm soaks and lid scrubs. Recently bought Ocuvite Eye Vitamin & Mineral Supplement; hope it will help. Best of Health to you.