Trying to figure out iron deficient anemia GI tests show no bleeding

Newly diagnosed by the early sjogren’s panel and eye doctor. My bloodwork is whacked which it seems everyone’s is. :slight_smile: I had an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, no signs of cancer or bleeding. My test results are this:
Hemoglobin 10.8 (normal 12-16)
Hematocrit 34.6 (normal 36-46)
MCH 23.9 (normal 26-34)
MCHC 31.2 (normal 32-36)
MCV 76.5 (normal 80-100)
Platelets 449 (normal 150-450)
RBC 4.86 (normal 4-5.2)
RDW 17.6 (normal 11.5-14.5)
WBC 6.9 (normal 4-11) my iron is 20mcg (50-170 normal) % saturation 5% (10-50% normal) transferrin 296mg and TIBC 370mcg normal range. B12 and Folate normal my rheumy has put it on the GI doctor to figure out but nothing shows for GI cause. I do the pill camera Thursday. Rheumy just gave me a prescription for nitroglycerin ointment to help with the horrible Raynaud’s, my phone doesn’t register my fingers when i try to use it half the time. Only other spoonies will understand. I can’t go up the stairs without being out of breath and my heart races and hurts but he says the chest pain is from the Fibro. My whole body is pissed and hurts way more than a year ago and just wondering if anyone else is dealing with weird anemia. I eat red meat and take supplements so this is out of nowhere and a fast decline in numbers from just a few months ago. Thank you and sorry for the long first post, just spinning my wheels trying to figure out this disease that doesn’t want to fit into a nice little diagnostic box.

My last blood work also showed anemia. I’ve been anemic before but this time my rheumy is concerned. I am waiting for a call from the doctor about an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. I imagine they will be normal, except for maybe a polyp. I do have silent gerd, though.
My Hemoglobin is 10.3
Hematocrit is 30.7
Alkaline Phosphotate is 133
Immunoglobulin A is 81
ANA positive, speckled
Everything else is fine. But I also have fibromyalgia.
The anemia is making me tired, and sometimes dizzy. I haven’t had my B12 or iron looked at though.
I thought your post was interesting, since this is where I am, too.

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Oh and this article mentions anemia in Sjogrens.

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Hi Pfech,
I did the pill camera test after the upper endoscopy and colonoscopy and it showed arteriovenous malformations(abnormal blood vessels) in the small bowel. They were not actively bleeding so he couldn’t guarantee that was the cause of blood loss and surgery to cauterize them has risks. So we chose to try the iron infusions. I finished the 2nd one last week and go back on the 29th for bloodwork. I hope you get answers and feel better. My B12 and folate were normal so my anemia is iron deficient from blood loss somewhere. This is a frustrating disease for sure.

Thank you. We are now thinking that I got enemic from giving a double red blood count. I have never given that before. They say that “most” people don’t get anemic from giving a double red, but I guess I’m not “most” people. LOL. I had another blood test and it hasn’t changed yet, but at least it isn’t getting worse. I get the endoscopy and colonoscopy in November. Other than a few polyps, everything is pretty normal, except that I have IBS. I had xrays of my colon after I swallowed some rings that showed up in the xrays. I didn’t pass any of them in 7 days. UGH. I’m taking magnesium now and that has been magical. Hope you figure out what is causing your anemia. Iron infusions doesn’t sound like fun.

Nikki, I know this is a serious topic but I have to say I laughed a little about you saying your phone doesn’t register your fingers fairly often. I’ve dealt with Sjogren’s for awhile now and have mild Raynauds but I never made that association. LOL. It happens to me too.