10 natural remedies that may help dry mouth


Most of these have been mentioned, but some may be new. Any other ideas?

Great article! For those here taking Flax oil, can you elaborate and provide details? What dosage, in what form and did it help? Any details would be appreciated.

And is this NAC mentioned here Or is there something called NALC? I take NAC.

I guess I’m in another flare again…but had some good days.

Thanks, SK! I sure would like to find that Herbal Supplement they mention in #9 that they found helped saliva flow in 44% of the people in Denmark.

I got side tracked on the lupus diet they had on the site. Flax oil gave me horrible stomach problems. I did like the article and it was informative.

Purplebutterfly -- Can I ask what kind of stomach problems you got from the Flax seed oil? Was it also intestinal? I've only recently started putting some in my morning shake, and I sure don't want any more intestinal discomfort. I have a hard time breaking down fats, though, because of the low enzymes.

I had stomach bloating , severe pain and diarhea. My doctor actually had me try it and we changed the dose around but it didnt help i have reactions to strange things. My sister has used it for years with no problems.