Anti-inflamatory diet

Since there were several people asking about anti-inflamatory diet to reduce pain and help with insomnia, I will post these websites. If you have any questions,feel free to ask or private message me. I don't have a link that covers all points, so I posted several. I follow the anti-inflamatory diet plus I have additional allergies/sensitivities to certain foods so I eliminated those also. You have to figure that our for yourself and one of the links mentions "elimination" for foods that you may be sensitive to. As my doctor explained to me, once you get your system straightened out, you may be able to add some of those foods back into your diet. But that takes time. I've been struggling with pain and fagigue for fifteen years and have tried everything that's come down the line, but this diet has done the trick for me and now my problems are manageable. I have been able to go off all medications and not suffer like I used to. I have a post in the sub-group section Success Stories that details what I eat also if you want to read that. I try to buy organic foods as much as possible and read all label ingredients. I see an MD who practices a holistic approach to medicine, so that has been extremely helpful, since I would not have ever known about using diet to decrease inflamation if not for that.

Here is an online book on Anti-Inflamatory Diet.....

IMPORTANT: Some of us, who have been made aware by our doctors, are also suffering from candida/yeast overgrowth in our systems and leaky gut syndrome. so I am posting link for that too. If this is going on in your body, you won't be able to improve your health. It needs to be treated properly, since it is a big cause of inflamation and many other serious and chronic problems stemming from it. Here is a link that explains it.

Gluten is a big offender and causes many problems, here is a link for that....

Please feel free to ask me anything or private message me, and remember to always check with your doctor when making major changes in your diet. Thanks, Ally


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